With the humans already rescued, sailors from the Thai navy had the unexpected task of saving the stranded kitties.

Thai navy sailors found a bit of a furry surprise when they approached a sunken ship earlier this week to check for an oil spill. What followed was a dramatic rescue at sea that would fit well in a movie. 

As they arrived at the capsized ship, which had caught fire near the paradise island of Koh Adang, the seamen soon realized there were four ginger cats still aboard the vessel, according to Reuters. (The boar's human crew had all been safely rescued on Tuesday.) 

"I used my camera to zoom in to the boat, and I saw one or two cats popping their heads out," First-Class Petty Officer Wichit Pukdeelon told the news service. 

One of the sailors donned a life jacket and jumped in the water, swimming over to the sunken boat to retrieve the kitties. They hung out on his shoulder, above the water, as the sailor's compatriots hauled him back to their boat with a rope. 

All four cats now in an operational watercraft, the rescuers returned to their command post on the island of Koh Lipe, Reuters reported. There, the cats are seemingly enjoying some nice cuddles with the sailors and lapping up a bowl of milk. 

We're so glad these lucky kitties made it back to dry land thanks to the heroic efforts of their rescuers!