This reunion between a stolen dog and his owner has us in tears.
black and white dog renunites with his family from shown in a TikTok
Credit: Courtesy of laspca / TikTok

Nothing tugs at our heartstrings more than lost pets being reunited with their owners, and thankfully, that's exactly what happened to Cow the shelter dog in March 2022 after months away from his family.

In a TikTok posted by the Louisiana SPCA, we meet Cow, an adorable mixed-breed dog with black and white markings that resemble—yep, you guessed it—a cow.

Shelter workers found him tied to a fence outside the shelter in January. Dogs can often be anxious or fearful after traumatic events or in the face of perceived threats, and poor Cow was initially afraid and wary of strangers thanks to his own traumatic ordeal. But with a little TLC and patience from the shelter staff, he warmed right up, and his sweet personality quickly become apparent.

LSPCA employees quickly went to work searching for a new home for this cutie, but little did they know a sweeter surprise was in store. After doing their best to get Cow adopted by a new family, the LSPCA made a heartwarming discovery: Cow already had a loving family who couldn't wait to bring him home!

It turned out Cow had been stolen from his family months earlier, and they'd been searching for him ever since. Their joy was matched by Cow's—with "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals playing in the background, the shelter workers captured the sweet dog's ecstatic joy on camera. Though Cow had warmed up to the shelter staff, they were thrilled to see him happier than ever before—Cow was so overjoyed to see his owner he was jumping off walls and climbing into her arms, ready for the cuddles and love he'd been missing for months.

Too many pets are lost or stolen in the U.S. each year, but luckily microchipping your beloved furry friend can greatly increase the chances of a reunion just as heartwarming as Cow's. We're thrilled Cow's story had the happiest ending—he's back home with his family where he belongs, just like every pet deserves.