A missing leg can't hold back this bundle of joy.

When vet tech Katey was at work one evening, a 4-month-old puppy was abandoned at her emergency clinic after being hit by a car. Stewart needed his rear leg amputated, but even with his injury, his caregivers say this sweet pup was still loving on every person in the pet hospital. And just 2-3 hours after his surgery, he walked himself into the doctors' offices to give everyone kisses and wag his tail!

Katey tells Daily Paws that she immediately called partner Ken and told him he had to come meet this little bundle of joy. The two bonded immediately, and after 72 hours of being in the hospital, they adopted Stewart themselves!

This little tri-pawd pup adapted to being their newest member of the family immediately. The trio even made this little rescue dog the center of an adorable "it's a boy!" announcement that they posted on Facebook.

Stewart bonded instantly with his older pup sibling Jane. Katey says that even with only three legs, he loves running around in the snow in the winter and swimming in the summer. Katey likes to say that no one should feel bad for Stewart, because he's such a happy, playful, and spoiled dog—missing a leg does not hold this pup back! He adores playing with big and small dogs alike, and is the cutest, gentlest little guy that will absolutely steal your heart.