He turned his grief into a passion for adopting senior dogs.

Steve Greig certainly didn't need any more pups as the craziness of the pandemic set in, but he's continued welcoming senior dogs into his "wolfgang."

Based on his Instagram, (which has more than 1 million loyal followers), he recently adopted a 9-year-old long-haired dachshund named Juanita and a 15-year-old heartworm-positive dog named Rocky. Over the holidays Greig is also fostering a fluffy white dog named Kitty with incontinence troubles.

They've all joined his already-bustling Colorado residence: home to eight rescue dogs (mostly seniors), a pig named Bikini, a bunny named Blizzard, a chicken named Betty, and a turkey named Tofu.

Greig started adopting animals because of a miniature pinscher named Wolfgang. Greig and Wolfgang were inseparable companions for over 12 years before Wolfgang was killed by a car. "To give his death meaning I started adopting senior dogs on death row, the dogs that were getting overlooked but still had so much life yet to give," Greig said in an Instagram post

"So I went to the shelter and adopted the oldest dog they had. I named him Eeyore and he was 12 years old with four bad knees and a heart murmur," Greig told Parade. Eeyore came to be known as the "patriarch of Wolfgang 2242." Eeyore passed in March of this year at 19, but Greig's passion for rescuing senior dogs has lived on.

Adult man sits on couch surrounded by senior rescue dogs
Credit: Lauren DeFilippo Photography

Greig takes in animals from local shelters, animal hospitals, and rescue groups. He also helps the Maxfund Animal Adoption Center in Denver find homes for the senior dogs who are up for adoption.

Caring for so many animals requires a lot of time and energy. According to Parade, Greig starts every day at 5 a.m. He prepares food and medications for each of the animals before heading to work as an accountant. Greig even uses his lunch breaks to head home to check on the animals. When it's time to get outside and take a walk, some of the dogs walk on a leash while others ride along in a cart.

Although posting about his unconventional family did win him the Shorty Instagrammer Award this year, Greig's social media presence also forces him to deal with any animal deaths publicly. Followers constantly direct message him asking how he could bear to continue adopting senior dogs knowing the end is near. His answer: "Love doesn't have a time frame," he told Readers Digest

Greig co-wrote The One & Only Wolfgang, a children's book that shares the inspiring and heartwarming story of Greig's eclectic "wolfgang," with award-winning children's author Mary Rand Hess. The book was published in September 2019. 

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Greig's family portraits, witty captions, and unique pet names are sure to make you smile. Follow him at @wolfgang2242 on Instagram to keep up with his latest rescues.