Raul Castro says he'll adopt the pup when he returns to Bolivia’s capital.


A dog who, ahem, kicked off the Christmas holiday by running onto a Bolivian soccer field is now set to be adopted by the player who scooped him up and carried him off the pitch. 

First, let’s revisit the scruffy pup’s Christmas Eve foray onto the soccer field during a match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosi, both teams in Bolivia’s top division. And as you can see above, he seemed to be having a fantastic time.

He began by settling down just inside the field of play with his new toy: a soccer cleat that he began chewing. The game, which finished 3-0 to The Strongest, played on as the dog happily loped around with the shoe, which we’re sure belongs to him and wasn’t stolen at all. 

Finally, the game is paused as an assistant referee tries to pick him up. The dog isn’t interested. Then Raul Castro, a midfielder for The Strongest and not the former Cuban president, hoisted the pup into his arms and carried him off the field. The mutt looks calm and almost content as Castro carries him off. 

The game later resumed after a three-minute delay

According to CBS Sports, Castro later told a Bolivian publication that he plans to adopt the dog, which he located in a shelter in La Paz, the Bolivian capital. The Strongest fans have dubbed the dog Cachito, perhaps a play on Castro’s nickname, Chacha. The dog was brought to the shelter injured, but he’s receiving medical care before Castro takes him home. 

"I don't have any social media so I found out from my teammates, who told me," Castro says. "I contacted the shelter and told them that I will adopt the dog." Castro says he'll make the pup an official member of the family once he returns to La Paz after he's back from Santa Cruz.