Staff from the KC Pet Project took more than two hours to shave all the matted fur from 11-year-old Simon's tiny body.

A shih tzu found alongside a Kansas City street with heavily, heavily matted fur is on his way to a better life after his story captured the hearts of millions.

Someone found Simon, as he's now known, on the side of a street last Monday and brought him into the KC Pet Project for treatment, KSHB reports. You can barely see 11-year-old Simon under the large, gross clumps of matted fur, save for his small nose and mouth. Normally, shih tzus require plenty of grooming.

Simon with long, heavy, matted hair
Credit: Courtesy of KC Pet Project

Cleaning Simon up proved quite the task for the veterinary staff at KC Pet Project. The shelter posted a video of Simon's treatment on TikTok, calling it "possibly one of the worst matted cases that we've ever seen." Two members of vet staff took more than two hours to shave off all the matted fur. By the end of it, the sedated Simon was 6.5 pounds lighter. 

"We can only guess how long it took for him to get into this condition, but one thing we know for sure is that life is about to get so much better for this boy," the TikTok voiceover says.

So far, Simon's transformation video has netted an astounding 47.3 million views. 

"Everybody loves to see these before and after moments that show a pet at their very worst and then how, thanks to medicine and love and care, they're able to make this remarkable transformation," KC Pet Project Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate told KSHB. 

A happy Simon with his new haircut
Credit: Courtesy of KC Pet Project

In a follow-up TikTok video, Pet Project staff reported on Simon's health. He has dry eye and really needs some dental work. He also has a little trouble walking because he was overcorrecting his gait while having to carry all that matted fur. Nevertheless, he's still relatively healthy and "showing us his happy personality."

With such a weight—both literal and figurative—off little Simon's shoulders, we can't wait to see him live the life he deserves, all thanks to a kind-hearted stranger and the staff at KC Pet Project.