After nearly 2 years and a lot of promotion, this well-deserving pup finds a new home.
sarge the dog is adopted
Credit: Courtesy of Foothills Animal Rescue

Let’s face it: we were all ready for life to get better when we turned over the calendar page to 2021. But for Sarge, an adorable shepherd-pit bull mix, this year is gonna rock! After spending 628 days at the Foothills Animal Rescue (FAR) in Scottsdale, Ariz., Sarge was welcomed into a family who was ready to adopt a shelter dog and provide mounds of love and dedicated attention.

As a FAR spokesperson told Fox 10 Phoenix that the pup had a few requirements that made it more difficult to find the perfect match. "He's not a dog park dog, and he's not great with every single dog, so he had a couple things that were going against him. But as you can see, he's an amazing dog—he just needed someone to give him a chance."

FAR staff shared this video of Sarge’s life before he was adopted, and there’s no question why his trainer and other staff members loved his outgoing nature and quirky personality.

But to find a furever home is always the best! The rescue center made a special effort to promote Sarge on Facebook over the holidays, counting down the days he’d been there so far, and he had a surge of supporters encouraging a special someone to adopt him. One staff member even arranged for a home stay with Sarge so he could become more acclimated to sights and sounds outside the shelter environment, and shared the video to entice potential pup parents. 

Right before Christmas, the pup received additional star power push from local news anchor Ty Brennan.

And it worked! One lucky couple found the smiley pup irresistible. On January 2nd, FAR hosted a grand going home party with Sarge’s two new hoomans, as well as staff members and friends of the shelter, complete with a celebratory doggie gift box and cupcakes. His overwhelming happiness as he greets all his guests is contagious, as evident in FAR’s livestream of the event—all 25 minutes of it! 

Worth every second to watch, Sarge’s abundant joy gives us all hope for better days in 2021...and reminds us to look extra hard for furbabies waiting for our love!