Sandy’s owner is working with a local missing animal organization to help bring more pets home safely.

Sandy, a two-year-old golden retriever, is finally safe after going missing for two months. The Pennsylvania pup got lost near a dog park in late November of last year while out with her owner, Kaitlyn Kolinsky.

Kolinsky was at a local dog park with Sandy and her other dog, Tucker, on November 27 when Sandy went missing. As they were heading back to the car, a loud noise from a nearby skate park startled Sandy and the scared dog took off.

"She ran so fast her leash left my hand and she made a break for it right into the woods," Kolinsky told Daily Paws. "I didn't see her again for two months, we searched every day since she left."

Sandy's family worked relentlessly to find the lost pup, constantly searching, putting up flyers, and reaching out to missing animal organizations.

Sandy, the golden retriever
Credit: Gold Soul Diamond Mind

Late last month, Sandy was finally found by a local man named Brian Neipert, who had seen the missing dog posters and heard a dog barking near his home. Neipert told local reporters he found Sandy stuck underneath some trees, caught by her leash. He estimated Sandy had been trapped there since shortly after she went missing, and the rescued dog looked dehydrated and skinny. Kolinsky's family got the call in the middle of the night that Sandy had been found.

"My dad went to get her out of the tree," Kolinsky told us. "[Sandy] was so excited, she basically jumped into our arms and was wagging her tail so much I'm shocked it didn't fall off! I think she was looking for us just as much as we were looking for her."

Kolinsky says since being home, Sandy is adjusting back to normal life remarkably well. The dog is back to playing with her favorite toys and being spoiled with lots of love—and has even received packages in the mail full of treats and toys from kind people touched by the dog's rescue story. Sandy's vet told the family the dog is healthy and doing well.

"She had lost a lot of weight but she is gaining it back and she is on a diet plan to keep her healthy," said Kolinsky. We're so happy that Sandy made it home, and relieved to hear she's healthy and readjusting just fine. If you'd like to help pets like Sandy make their way home, you can donate to the fundraiser Kaitlyn is doing with Hound Hunters of NEPA, the organization that helped locate Sandy. You can also follow adorable updates on Sandy (and Tucker!) on Kopinsky's social media.