She's a silly girl bursting with love and joy. But not everyone saw her worth at first.

Every time Sadie hits the dog beach and is out and about, other pups and their parents fall in love with her—and why wouldn't they? She's a silly girl bursting with love and joy. But not everyone saw her worth, at first. Blue nose Australian shepherds are usually highly coveted. But since Sadie was born deaf and with albinism—and of no perceived value to her heartless breeder—she was dumped in the desert as a puppy.

But this sweet, spunky pooch was destined for bigger and better things with dog mom Bethany, who tells Daily Paws that once Sadie was picked up by animal control in the small desert town where she'd been found, the black and white pup was listed for adoption on their website. She and a friend had been looking for a dog that the two could co-parent, and once she came upon Sadie's picture from the pound—with sad eyes looking lost and forlorn—the double merle Aussie instantly stole her heart.

After she was adopted, Bethany says it took some time for Sadie to get comfortable, and essentially learn how to be a dog. But with patience and love, Bethany says she learned that "it's OK to have fun, OK to catch the balls, and that she's going to be taken care of." Eight years later, Bethany says that sweet Sadie has gone from being thrown out with the trash to having a big backyard to play in, frequent trips to the beach, and lots and lots of belly rubs.

When they're not snuggled up in bed together for their routine morning snuggles, taking weekend vacations together, or playing with her favorite toy (a ball!), Bethany says this dynamic duo just loves enjoying each other's company.

"She is my family—she is woven into the fabric of who I am," Bethany says. "When I spoil her, someone will say 'lucky dog'... but I'm the lucky one. I'm lucky to have her."