Henry's poor owners thought he was dead, but coastguard rescuers were able to find him and reel the dog back to safety.
rescuers use a sausage roll to save this dog
Credit: Jindřich Blecha / Getty

Henry's owners had accepted their dog had died after he went missing in an area along the English coast marked with fissures earlier this month. Fortunately, Henry was still alive, and with the help of treats and half a sausage roll—not to mention coastguard rescuers—he soon reunited with his family. 

According to the Boscastle Coastguard Team on Facebook, Henry went missing April 8 north of Boscastle in an area ominously called The Strangles. The "working dog" was last seen in undergrowth along a path on the coast. 

Two coastguard rescue officers used their drones to look for Henry during the two-hour search. The terrain is tough, featuring thick undergrowth and fissures—cracks in the ground that can extend dozens of feet down into the ground. The search ended, and no one had seen or heard Henry in 24 hours, and his owners concluded he'd likely tumbled down one of the fissures and died. 

Thankfully, there is a but: But! The Boscastle Coastguard was called back to the area where Henry had gone missing after someone found Henry. He was located about 20 feet down a fissure, and someone had to go down and get him. 

Outfitted with a rope rescue kit, a cliff technician—evidently with no claustrophobia qualms—descended into the fissure with dog treats and half a sausage roll, which seems to be a fancier, British version of pigs in a blanket. The goodies must have worked. After 30 minutes of "shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing," the technician secured Henry to a leash and his rescuers lifted him from the fissure. 

His owners were "overjoyed" to see him again. Let's hope he enjoys a life that includes more sausage rolls than trips to The (Spooky-Sounding) Strangles.