The small pup's savior had to really shimmy down into the storm drain, but thankfully Lizzie was able to reunite with her family.
close up of tri-colored Yorkshire Terrier
Credit: Werner Thoma / EyeEm / Getty

I'd like to take a moment to speak directly to all the dogs reading this.

Sit. Stay. Staaaaay. GOOD boy!

Now that I have your attention: pipes. 

SIT! Siiiiit. Yes, I know that we all think pipes are exciting and neat. How could we not? They're full of smells! But here's the thing: they're just no good for you. You get stuck! "But I won't go all the way in," you say to yourself. "I'll just put my head down there and see what those smells are all about." But I'm telling you, it won't matter. You'll get your head stuck!

Unfortunately, no matter how many times we try to clue doggos in about the dangers of getting stuck in pipes, doggos continue to get stuck in pipes. That's exactly what happened in Spartanburg, S.C., on Tuesday. The pupper in question—her name is Lizzy and she appears to be a Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie mix—found her way to the bottom of a storm drain and some awesome first responders from the Spartanburg Fire Department and Animal Services had to climb down and rescue her.

The good thing about storm drains is that they've got covers for easy access, which allowed first responders to climb down into the drain with minimal fuss. It was a tight fit—video shows the rescuer shimmying into the enclosed space—but once there, Lizzy climbed right into his arms with minimal fuss. The bedraggled pup was certainly soaked from all the  rainwater, but she otherwise appeared to be unhurt. She was handed off to her grateful family and seemed happy that her adventure in exploration had come to a thrilling conclusion.

We here at Daily Paws are a big fan of first responders and all the things they do for both humans and animals in need. But please doggos. We're begging you to stay out of those darn drains! You'll give first responders a break and prevent your family from having panic attacks. No smell is worth getting stuck. And don't start looking too smug, kitties. We see you, too.