Hobo took his accidental tumble while his family was installing a fence.
man rescuing dog from 100 foot cliff
Credit: Courtesy of San Diego Humane Society

A deaf Australian shepherd who tumbled 100 feet down a California ravine was rescued Monday after a rescue team rappelled down the hill and freed the pup from a bush. 

Hobo, 8, fell down the ravine off Genesee Avenue early that afternoon, the San Diego Humane Society said. His family was installing a fence when he lost his footing. 

A humane officer reached Hobo but it became clear they couldn't return up the hill on their own. The Humane Society's Emergency Rescue Team then arrived at the top of the ravine. They secured rescue lines and rappelled down the face to Hobo, where they then had to free him from a bush by sawing away the branches.  

Pretty steep! After four hours, Hobo was back safely atop the ravine. 

"We are all so relieved that Hobo is back safe with his family!" the Humane Society wrote on Facebook.