Lost cats are often nearby—hopefully not that high up, though.
chunky cat stuck in tree
Credit: Courtesy of getmeowttahere / TikTok

Going out on a (literal) limb dozens of feet above the ground is not how I'd ever spend my free time. Thankfully, Duane Hook has no problem doing that. 

He saves cats who become stranded up in trees, including "Fat Cat," a 25-pounder who was stuck 45 feet up a tree in Ohio earlier this month. He recorded the queasy rescue—look, I don't like heights—and posted it to TikTok.

Fat Cat had been up there for four days and was unwilling or unsure how to descend back to safety, Hook told Newsweek. Up he went. 

The Thicc King was decidedly not near the tree trunk and initially wouldn't walk over to Hook, so he had to gingerly side-step his way to the meowing Fat Cat. Thankfully, Hook's tasty treat finally coaxed him over. 

"Sometimes I will spend up to an hour in the tree waiting for the cat to get over their pride and/or fear of me," Hook told Newsweek. "Fat Cat was easy. He was ready for help."

This is when we truly see how high 45 feet off the ground is. Barrrrrfffffffff. Fat Cat enjoys some pets up there, but Hook—who does his rescues on his own time and dime—has to put him inside a bag to get him down. It's definitely not Fat Cat's favorite part of the rescue, but it gets him back down to safety and his family.   

Hook's video, posted to getmeowttahere on TikTok, has so far earned nearly 9 million views. 

And remember: If your cat goes missing, he's probably somewhere nearby—potentially up high someplace.