A local rescue shelter’s fundraising event, the Fur Ball, took these adorable pups sightseeing at the Mall of America—and gave us some truly delightful images.
puppy watching stingrays
Credit: Courtesy of Sea Life

The SEA LIFE Aquarium at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., had some unusual guests last week. Two litters of adorable rescue puppies roamed the aquarium, which houses over 10,000 sea creatures.

The pups pawed at the glass in the underwater tunnel, visited the themed tanks to view marine life attractions, and stopped along the way to pose for plenty of photos.

The tiny dogs were there to help raise awareness for The Fur Ball, a virtual fundraiser put on by Safe Hands Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. According to a KARE, Safe Hands took the puppies to the aquarium as a part of the virtual event, which is running until May 22.

This year, The Fur Ball is hoping to raise $100,000 to help renovate The Safe House, a Kentucky property the organization will use to house rescued animals in the Appalachian area. 

"From our work over the last 14 years, it is clear that to help the greatest number of animals in need we must be where they are, when they need us the most," Safe Hands says on its website. "That is why we are launching an ambitious and inspiring campaign to open The Safe House in Prestonsburg, Ken. Shelters in rural Appalachia struggle with so many animals in need and not nearly enough resources or adoptive homes to go around."

puppy inside ocean tunnel
Credit: Courtesy of Sea Life

The organization's goal is to rescue and care for animals in need in Kentucky and to bring some of those animals back to the Midwest where there is more demand for rescue animals who need a new, loving home.

We are so glad these adorable rescue puppies were able to get out and about for some fun—and that it all helped a great cause! If you would like to learn more about Safe Hands or keep up with the live virtual Fur Ball events, you can follow the nonprofit on Facebook.