Owner Saves Pup From Jaws of Shark During Game of Fetch at the Beach

The little dog was playing fetch with her owner when a bull shark attacked out of nowhere.

A small rescue dog in Florida is recuperating after a game of Frisbee on the beach turned into a near-death experience.

According to her Instagram account, the dog—a sweet little scruffball named Boobie—was playing fetch with friends in the water (one of her favorite activities) when a 6-foot bull shark bit her on her way back to the Darwin Beach shore.

Her owner ran into the water and pulled the little black and white pooch out of the shark's mouth, according to WPLG TV. She was stitched up, but the shark's bite had done severe damage to one of her back legs. While she's thankfully now recovering, we're sure this was a traumatic experience for both pup and human.

"The wound was on the left hind leg," veterinarian Yael Huerta told WPLG. "The shark created a lot of damage in the muscles and the tendons. Luckily for Boobie, there was no major injury in the veins or vessels."

Thankfully, Boobie is expected to recover and is doing well all things considered. But at the same time, medical bills certainly aren't cheap. Her owners have set up a GoFundMe page to fund her recovery treatments, which has already raised more than $7,400 at the time of this writing.

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