Even though the two create chaos, they fill their home with love.

There's only one thing that ginger cat brothers Phillip and Gregory love more than each other: boxes. If a box is left out—no matter the size—they'll find a way to squeeze into it. Cat mom Erika says that the two kitties are so obsessed with their boxes that if she tries to throw any away, they cry.

When Phillip was less than 12 weeks old, he was found in a dumpster with mama cat nowhere to be found. He was quickly rescued and melted Erika's heart. The moment Phillip came home, she tells Daily Paws that the tiny cat made it clear that's where he was meant to be. As a kitten, he'd snuggle up on Erika's shoulder and chest whenever he got the chance. And wherever Erika went, he'd follow close behind.

"Phillip is my baby. He will always be my baby," Erika says. "I have my own human baby and I still say Phillip's the baby."

After a year of living as an only cat, it was clear Phillip needed a furry friend. Erika realized she couldn't give Phillip all the attention he wanted while she worked, so she adopted another kitty, named Gregory, to keep him company while she was out.

She says the two feline brothers—who are exactly a year apart—are best friends, but their personalities couldn't be more different! Erika says Phillip is the "man of the house" (meaning he acts a little more like an adult cat)... while Gregory is the silly one who just wants some love.

Even though Phillip now has Gregory to play with, Erika says he's still just as attached to her. When she's preoccupied with cooking meals in the kitchen, she says he'll grab onto her ankle and refuse to let go! And if she hasn't shown Phillip enough attention, he disassembles one of his favorite cat toys and puts the parts in Erika's bed. Sounds like he's getting his message across loud and clear—play with me, or else!

Even though these two kitty bros like to cause a little chaos around her home, Erika says they've changed her life for the better.

"I can never say that I'm bored. I can never say that I'm alone," Erika says. "And although they've made our lives chaotic, they've filled it with nothing but love and laughs."