Nearly fourth months is a long time to wait, but it paid off.
Rambo walking in the grass, gets his Forever Home
Credit: SHrenchir / Adobe Stock

One Las Vegas pupper waited exactly 102 days for what he deserved, but that time paid off in the best way possible.

Very good boi Rambo came to the The Animal Foundation all the way back in March and was first put up for adoption March 29. Despite his incredibly sweet face, the days and weeks started turning into months as people continued to pass the stocky fellow by. He became the foundation's longest resident.

But after nearly four months of patient waiting, this past weekend wound up being Independence Day for the happy boy, as Rambo finally found his forever home—and celebrated with a giant smile.

The Animal Foundation, like many shelters across the country, has been operating at or near capacity for some time. No-kill shelters in particular are feeling the crunch as pet intake returns to pre-pandemic levels with adoptions unable to keep up.

To help relieve some of the stress on its facility—the largest in Nevada—The Animal Foundation ran a "full house" adoption event over the weekend, waiving adoption fees for anyone looking for their new best friend. The results were absolutely overwhelming: The shelter reported via Facebook that it had adopted a whopping 100 animals on July 9 alone, including Rambo.

He wasn't the only long-awaited success story for the shelter, however: Just the day before, The Animal Foundation celebrating the adoption of Chikilito, another pup who had been with the shelter for 93 days.

If you ask us, any day is a good time to bring a new buddy into your life. And now, with shelters across the country bursting at the seams, adopting is a better option than ever.