Who among us hasn't been digging so hard that we end up with our noggin in a pipe?
Golden doodle puppy embraced by owner's outstretched hands after rescued by firemen
Credit: Courtesy of Spring Fire Department

We've all been there. Maybe you're digging post holes for a new fence or deck, maybe you're installing a new pool. Wherever the case, you're minding your own business, digging in your own backyard, and suddenly your head is stuck in a pipe and your family has to make a hurried call to the fire department.

In this particular instance, the incident occurred in Spring, Texas, and the victim was a hapless goldendoodle puppy. His human family had only adopted him a couple weeks earlier, so naturally he's out in the yard on Sunday, getting the lay of the land, doing a little "getting to know you" digging, according to KHOU. Unfortunately for him, the unnamed pup stumbled upon a loose drain pipe connection during his underground adventure and since we all know how good drain pipes smell, of course he stuck his head inside to get a better sniff.

The pupper's human family was unable to pull him out themselves, and that's when the Spring Fire Engine 71 and Rescue 71 B shift crews sprang into action, arriving on the scene and cutting the offending section out of the ground before successfully purging the panicked pup's pate from the profligate pipe's possession.

Other than being rather understandably frightened by the experience, the goldendoodle was ultimately no worse for the wear and together everyone posed for a couple of celebratory photos afterward.

While this story ultimately had a happy ending and the pup's human family is left only with some minor pipe repairs as a lingering effect, this story does serve to remind us all of a few universal truths: namely that firefighters rock, and that you need to keep a close eye on your puppies, because they are magnets for trouble.