Watch the Amazing Moment This Pet Detective Finds a Pomeranian Who Was Missing for 8 Hours in a Florida Canal

Thankfully, pet detective Jamie Katz has some excellent hearing.

dog in boat with his human after being rescued from the canal by pet detective
Photo: Courtesy of jamiekatzpetdetective / TikTok

A Pomeranian who fell into a canal behind his Florida home was rescued safely after several hours, thanks to his owner, a sharp-eared pet detective, and a handy kayak.

Plus, Mario's discovery and rescue was all caught on video.

In a video posted to pet detective Jamie Katz's TikTok account, she and Mario's owner are paddling down the canal in Ft. Lauderdale. The 96-second video starts on a bleak note: The dog's owner mentions she's keeping an eye out for a body. Mario had fallen into the canal behind his home eight hours earlier.

"We don't want [that], obviously, but, no, you need to have an answer," Katz tells her.

The pair starts to turn away from a resting white-and-blue boat—Mario's owner talking about how her husband had searched for the dog earlier—when Katz hears a sound. You can hear it, too, at the 27-second mark: some quiet whimpering.

"What's that? What was that? Was that you?" Katz asks before hearing the whimpering again and lowering herself into the water.

She's found Mario. It's hard to tell from the GoPro video, but the orange Pom was somehow alive under or inside the rear of the blue-and-white boat. Katz was able to coax him out as his owner uttered "no way" and "you're kidding" in the background.

His owner had checked that area for Mario twice, she told Katz in the video.

"You heard that. I never would've heard that," she tells Katz. "That's why you were here. That's why you were here."

The TiKTok of the unlikely rescue has so far earned more than 764,900 views, not nearly enough for Katz's heroics.

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