Pearl was rescued after having a rough start to life—but she found her fairy tale home with her new "proud dog parents" Kelsey Rose and Russ.

When Kelsey Rose and her partner Russ abruptly lost their beloved dog Stella, they were devastated—and unsure of what came next. But during an impromptu trip to the Westside German Shepherd Rescue center in LA, Pearl walked right up to Russ and put her head on his knee... and that was that. The couple says they knew Pearl would be perfectly in-tune with their little family.

"The look in her eye was just like, 'please love me, someone take me home," Kelsey Rose says. "I think it was kismet—we were supposed to be there at the exact time we were there so that Pearl could come into our lives," Kelsey Rose says.

When they first met Pearl, the German shepherd was severely underweight and missing a good amount of fur. Sadly, Russ and Kelsey Rose learned that the young dog had been bred out at 5 months and then abandoned once she gave birth. Kelsey Rose tells Daily Paws that Pearl's physical condition was "very, very bad. She was severely underweight… and pretty close to dying." They say they don't like to think about what could have happened if the rescue organization hadn't stepped in, because it would mean that she wouldn't be a part of their family now.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case. And since she became an official member of their family, her condition—and her spirit—has transformed. "From when we got her to what she looks like now is two completely different dogs," Kelsey Rose says.

With patience and love from Kelsey Rose and Russ, Pearl quickly adapted to life as a spoiled furry family member: sleeping in beds, getting all of the pets, and playing fetch with her new humans. Nowadays, Kelsey Rose says Pearl is "the Queen Bee of the house!"

Pearl is full of life, and loves going on walks and hikes with her parents in the mountains and desert. This LA girl has even been featured in a few TV commercials, though most days you can find her at home, hoarding every ball she can find in the house. Her self-described "proud dog parents" say they could not be more content with their happily ever after Hollywood ending with Pearl.