Things are only getting better for Teddy, who's now loving life at his new foster home.

Brace yourself, this Orlando senior rescue dog's story is a tough one, but we promise he's on his way to a happy ending. 

When old-timer Teddy was first rescued in central Florida, veterinary staff found he had nearly 100 BB pellets in his body. They're still there now, but things have gotten much better for this deserving pup whose been taken in by a loving foster family.

Seminole County Animal Services in Florida first saved Teddy on July 27. Given his weak state, they didn't want to put him up for public adoption just yet because they feared someone would make him an outside dog—a lifestyle that probably led to his current condition. Still, they knew who to call for help.

dog found with 100 pellets in head is now adopted and enjoying his new home
Credit: Courtesy of Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

Rebecca Lynch, president of Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Orlando, picked Teddy up personally later that day. His condition made it hard for him to get into the car, so she hoisted the 72-pound senior dog into the vehicle herself. Given that he had been abused in the past, Lynch says she knew this physical maneuver could have upset the pooch, but says he was sweet as could be while receiving some help from a stranger. 

"From the minute I picked him up he just kissed my face all over," Lynch tells Daily Paws. The veterinary staff also fell in love with him immediately, according to Lynch. "He's a big Teddy bear, his name really suits him."

The staff at Poodles and Pooch noticed he was limping and moving slowly. They suspected he had arthritis and conducted a radiograph, which revealed multiple birdshot pellets under his skin. "His body was just riddled with them," Lynch says. They were embedded in his head and legs, though Lynch says he's very lucky to have not suffered damage in his eyes. 

They can only speculate whether the pellets were from "kids just being cruel or maybe an adult that was just [mentally ill]." Either way, they're certain he endured the abuse on more than one occasion. 

"Sadly, we see this more often than you'd think," Lynch says. Many pets come into their shelter with injuries related to pellets, whether from birdshot or BBs. If the pellets are causing pain, infection, or significantly hindering them, then the staff removes them. Teddy's had been there long enough that he had no open wounds, meaning it thankfully wasn't an active medical threat.

"Despite his condition and someone who was very unkind to him once upon a time, he is just the most trusting and loving, sweet soul," Lynch says.

Thankfully, the bad times are behind him. Sweet Teddy was welcomed into a loving foster family last week. There, he kicks back indoors with a new dog mom and dad, their two children, and other dogs and cats. Lynch tells Daily Paws he's doing well around other animals and seems happy as can be in his new home. 

dog found with 100 pellets in head is now adopted and enjoying his new comfy couch
Credit: Courtesy of Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

Teddy's new foster mom told the staff at Poodle and Pooch that he's able to go up the stairs to sleep beside them in the bedroom, but his arthritis makes it hard to go downstairs. His foster dad helps to carry him downstairs each morning, though Teddy doesn't seem to mind. 

Even though Teddy is thriving in his new foster home, the ultimate goal is for him to be adopted. As of now, they're waiting for the results of his most recent biopsy to make sure his forever family can be completely aware of all medical concerns going forward.

"He really could adjust into any [living] situation because he's really just an easygoing, sweet dog," Lynch says.

Still, an ideal home for Teddy would be laid back since his injuries mean he can't engage in an overly active lifestyle. Anyone in the central Florida area interested in adopting Teddy can apply to do so here to give him the happy ending he's always deserved.