Lamia had no idea how much she'd love having a pet—until she met the cutest orange tabby cat, O'Malley.

Lamia and her roommate had seen O'Malley in their building's garage before, usually begging for food, but it was Lamia's roommate that decided to rescue the ginger tabby cat and take him home. But once O'Malley got settled into his new home with Lamia and her roommate, Lamia ended up being his primary human!

Lamia tells Daily Paws that O'Malley is a chatty, sassy orange kitty who absolutely loves chatting with his people. She says she loves going back and forth with O'Malley, who enjoys meowing right back at his beloved human. And when Lamia is busy at her desk with video editing, O'Malley always wants to be right in the middle of the action... even if he's mainly there to distract her!

When he's not stomping around on her desk or chasing pens, he does love to snuggle into her lap and keep her company. In the times when she's not working, Lamia says she and O'Malley share plenty of playtime every day. Lamia says that while she originally had no idea how much she'd love having a pet—now she can't imagine her life without O'Malley, the adorable tabby.