When Officer Bloomquist looked down into the sewer, he saw the kitten, now named Splinter, floating on a bottle.
cop saving kitten from sewer
Credit: Courtesy of NYPD 70th Precinct

Rescuing a kitten from a New York City sewer wasn't enough for one police officer earlier this month. The hero first responder decided he would adopt his new little buddy, too! 

According to WLNY, Officers Bloomquist and Frevola responded to a call of a cat who'd gotten stuck in the Brooklyn sewer on May 17. The two officers removed the manhole cover and looked down to see the poor kitty floating on a Gatorade bottle. 

Bloomquist climbed down into the sewer and fished the cat out and wrapped him in what looked like a blue bag. We don't know how the tiny kitten ended up down there, but the poor little one appeared more than a little wet and scraggly after his rescue in a photo the NYPD 70th Precinct shared on Twitter. But better days are ahead! 

After they'd gotten the little furball out of harms way, officers then took the cat to Animal Care Center NYC. On the way, his rescuers dubbed the little kitten Splinter—more than likely a nod to the sophisticated NYC sewer-dwelling rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—and the tiny kitten was placed with a foster family after he was checked out by care center staff.

Once Bloomquist is finished with the official adoption process, little Splinter will be back in the arms of his rescuer. And after such a rough start to life, we're thrilled this little kitten has the happy ending that he so deserves.