Good Samaritans and firefighters. Our favorite people!
man holding dog's chin in his hand; New York firefighters rescue dog from Harlem River
Credit: Crispin la valiente / Getty

New York City firefighters rescued a dog that had been cruelly tossed from a bridge into the Harlem River and helped bring a terrible story to a happy conclusion.

On the afternoon of July 19, people witnessed the sweet-faced, brown-and-tan dog get thrown from a bridge into the river below. A fast acting good Samaritan jumped into the river and helped keep the pup afloat while others called 911. FDNY rushed onto the scene with a marine unit and pulled the doggo safely onto the fireboat.

"Without the quick response from both the civilian and FDNY members, the outcome for this animal could have been very different," the FDNY said in an Instagram post about the rescue. 

While a culprit hasn't been identified, FDNY was able to save the doggo and prevent this from being a complete tragedy. The pup was taken to the Animal Care Center of Brooklyn, where he was given both a clean bill of health and a new name: Aquaman. Wherever that sweet little face is now, we can all hope that she's being given a happier, safer home, thanks to the valiant efforts of our very favorite people: firefighters.