Carnitas already has a forever home waiting for her in Colorado while the adoption requests are already coming in for her four puppies.
close up of happy black dog in transit
Credit: Courtesy of Rescued Pets Movement

Five stray dogs—a mother named Carnitas and her four newborn puppies—who were rescued from an underground storm drain in Texas last month already have new homes waiting for them in Colorado. 

A group of Houston neighbors, including one who shinnied some 30 feet into the drain to retrieve Carnitas (named for the food truck where she was fed) and her pups in late April, rescued the dogs after weeks of tracking the pregnant mother. But now we have even better news: Rescued Pets Movement in Houston was able to take them in, and now the mom and puppies are on their way to their forever homes!

In an email, Shelby Roquemore with Rescued Pets Movement said the small family were transported to 4 Paws 4 Life near Denver earlier this week. Carnitas already has a home waiting for her, and each of the chunky puppies already have multiple adoption requests. Woohoo! 

That's quite the difference from living in a storm drain. 

"Of all places and giving birth, you know, it was nerve-wracking," one of the rescuers, Ben McClelland, told Fox 26. "She could die down there with her puppies after a monthlong chase."

The group of three neighbors had been tracking Carnitas back when she was still pregnant and they were finally able to corner her on April 23. She was down in the drain with her puppies, and that's when Sabrina Amador joined the group and did what needed to be done: climb down into the hole. Thank goodness she did.

woman holding tan puppy
Credit: Courtesy of Rescued Pets Movement

"It is very gross down there, and I was like, 'There has to be at least one person willing to do it, to go down there,'" she told the TV station. "So I'm just glad that I'm always up for it."

You can learn more about Rescued Pets Movement here.