The dog heard Flea meowing from the bottom of the well and was able to alert the neighbors—who then called the fire brigade.
black cat stares out of cage
Credit: 0635925410 / Adobe Stock

It's time, once again, to combine three of the internet's very favorite things: cats, firefighters, and happy endings.

Flea is a black cat from Loddington, Northamptonshire (why yes, that is in England, how could you tell?). She's not quite 1 year old, but she's very friendly and inquisitive and had been missing for almost two weeks. Her owners, sisters Freya and Keira Hill, feared she had been hit by a car, they told the BBC, or perhaps she was taken home by some other well-meaning human who had been approached by the friendly little cat.

That was all revealed to be poppycock, however, when a neighborhood dog became alerted by Flea's meows for help last Tuesday. It seems the little black cat had—like so many Timmys before her—fallen down a well, and now it was up to a local canine to save the day.

And save the day he did! (Cue the famous Ghostbusters quote.) The doggo's barks alerted the people living at the residence next to the well, who in turn contacted the local fire brigade and, quicker than you can recite Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch," the spicy bobbies (which is what the Brits should call their firemen) had the little feline out of the hole and back home with her humans.

The Hall sisters say Flea was completely unmoved by the experience and was happy to curl up in front of a heater, eating food and pretending none of this had ever happened—which might be the most relatable thing about the entire situation.