She's now named Ms. Bridget to commemorate how she was found.
state police rescues kitten from bridge shown holding the kitten in a blanket
Credit: Courtesy of Louisiana State Police

When you're lost and scared on the Huey Long Bridge, who ya gonna call?

Well, nobody because in this scenario you are a cat. But when this happened to a little tabby kitten on June 25, some helpful passersby called the Louisiana State Police. Troopers Marvin and Himel responded and found the very smol girl on the shoulder of the cantilevered steel truss bridge, some 153 feet above the muddy Mississippi River.

Calling the kitten Ms. Huey (after the bridge's namesake), the troopers collected her in a towel and transported her to a local emergency veterinary clinic for evaluation. The frightened kitten underwent a thorough exam that found a fracture in one of her growth plates, necessitating a cast on one of her hind legs. She is expected to be as good as new in a month or so, when she'll have a brand new forever home to celebrate.

His heart going out to the injured, shaken kitten, Trooper Eric Alsup, Jr. couldn't stand to see her recover at an animal shelter and decided to take her in himself.

Giving her a new name—she's Ms Bridget now (because it sounds like BRIDGE-it)—Alsup has taken the tiny kitten home where she couldn't be happier.

"Ms. Bridget is a playful little kitty and adjusting very well with her new family," the Louisiana State Police's Facebook post reads. "Thank you for all your support, comments, and prayers!"