Firefighters used pressurized air to lure the sweet kitty into waiting arms.

Credit: Courtesy of South Metro Fire Rescue

A Colorado woman found her cat not stuck up in a tree but trapped inside the sewer under their neighborhood. Hearing 1-year-old cat Kubo’s frightened meows Monday, she immediately called the local fire department for assistance.

A South Metro Fire Rescue crew responded to the scene in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, but they were initially unable to rescue an anxious Kubo who was lost in the pipe system.

The following day, South Metro Fire Rescue responded again to where Kubo could be heard meowing for help. Two teams of firefighters worked with animal enforcement officers from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region to ultimately rescue Kubo. A South Metro Fire Rescue Facebook post includes a video of the two different rescue attempts.

Plan A: The firefighters removed the metal storm grate in order to access the intersection of two pipes and hopefully Kubo. “Kubo was still frightened and quite fast, he managed to escape capture and resist the aroma of food,” the Facebook post says.

Plan B: The firefighters located another pipe access point and used a high-pressure air cylinder to force loud air toward Kubo. “The air was just scary enough that he ran down the pipe and into the waiting arms of an Animal Enforcement Officer,” the post says.

Once caught, Kubo was handed up to a firefighter who reunited him with his owner. In the video, onlookers cheer and Kubo’s owner repeatedly thanks the crew. According to his rescuers, Kubo was uninjured and is now safely home.