Thank goodness for the firefighters who helped get this cat out of a tight situation.

Oh no, buddy, how did you get stuck in there? 

This poor kitten in San Antonio somehow got his noggin stuck in the rim of a wheel last week, according to the city's fire department on Facebook. The people who found the cat brought the feline and the wheel to the firefighters, saying the little one had been stuck for two days.

Members of the technical rescue team, very likely facing something they had never seen before, tried using soap and a spoon to try to slip the cat out, reported. That didn't work, so they removed the tire and grabbed the saw. 

The spoon was still a necessary tool to help separate the kitten from the oncoming saw, and soon enough, our feline friend was finally free. 

According to KENS, the family who found the cat is going to adopt the kitty as well, so there you go: two happy endings for the price of one!