Mimi and Kitty May Be Biological Sisters, But These Cats Have Wildly Different Personalities

Kitty and Mimi are an adorable duo, despite their differences.

Mimi and Kitty are two-year-old tabbies from the same litter who have wildly different personalities. Pet parents Amanda and Ersan adopted the duo from their local shelter, and say even though these two cats are biological sisters, they have "polar opposite" temperaments.

"Oil and water," says Ersan. "You'd be surprised that they're sisters."

Her pet parents describe Mimi as the wild child. She's the more outgoing and ornery one of the sister duo—she's even earned the nickname "The Terror" thanks to her rambunctious nature.

"She's relentless when she wants to be fed," Amanda tells Daily Paws.

Ersan adds that whenever the talkative kitty wants to be petted, or held, or is hungry... "you just gotta get up and do it. Her meowing is piercing."

They describe her sister Kitty as "reserved and conservative" who's just content to play with toys and hang out around the house. Her owners say she's also enamored with human life, and tries to mimic their behavior by watching what they watch and making herself at home on the computer keyboard. Her easy-to-please attitude is behind her nicknames, "Love Muffin" and "Purr Box."

While the two have been known to get into a tussle here and there (just like any sisters can probably tell you), but Ersan says that they do get along most of the time."When they play together it's like parkour… they'll defy laws of physics," Ersan says. "It's pretty fun to watch."

Despite their differences, these sweet sisters find a lot of ways to enjoy their days together—and they bring a lot of joy and laughter to their people.

"They make everything kind of cuter and fun, they find a way to do weird things that make us smile," says Amanda. And while they couldn't be more different, they say it's for the better. "We're definitely glad they don't have the same personality, it really kind of spices things up. It makes things just a little bit more exciting."

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