The poor cutie looked like she was off to fight Emperor Zurg.
kitten with jar on head
Credit: Courtesy of Animal Rescue League of Boston

Massachusetts rescuers this week saved a kitten whose curiosity had gone infinitely beyond its limits. 

Staff from the Animal Rescue League of Boston and Fall River Animal Control encountered the 6-month-old orange kitten in Fall River, according to an ARL news release. She was wandering around with a small glass bowl—or maybe a light fixture—ensconcing her noggin. Her new name? Buzz Lightyear. 

Buzz's head somehow got stuck in the bowl, and someone spotted her on Danforth Street in Fall River. She was part of a cadre of community cats in the area. The ARL field staff set up a drop trap, and two of her siblings smelled the food inside and were trapped. She was unable to smell because of the bowl, but she followed her siblings inside out of curiosity. (Hopefully, it's the last time she inserts part or all of her body into tight spaces.) 

Once they got hands on her, the field staff was about to remove Buzz's then-permanent helmet, allowing her to smell and eat again. They took her to the ARL's Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center, where the medical staff found her to be dirty but otherwise healthy. 

She then received her vaccinations and spay surgery, the news release said. She'll need a little time before she can be adopted, however. She still needs to learn how to live with (and trust) humans—though she is loving her new cat friends at the shelter.

Once she's ready, hopefully she'll join a family that has a dog who, I dunno, enjoys dressing up as a cowboy.