It’s a long road, but veterinarians call the kitten “a fighter.”
A burned kitten being held by a vet wearing blue gloves
Credit: Courtesy of the Animal Foundation

A kitten who was rescued from a Las Vegas dumpster fire is on the long road to recovery, thanks to the good folks at the Animal Foundation.

Clark County Animal Protection Services found the tiny 4-week-old kitten on May 3 when they arrived at the fire. The singed kitten was alive but badly burned. They rushed her to the Animal Foundation, where veterinarians and volunteers kicked into gear to treat her injuries—and named the kitten Savannah.

"Her fur and whiskers were singed," Animal Foundation Communications Director Kelsey Pizzi tells Daily Paws. "Her paws were also burned, so we had to put tiny little bandages on her paws."

After the vet staff bandaged her burns and gave her some pain medication, they placed Savannah in an incubator to keep her warm. Pizzi says the initial request for a foster home went out about 30 minutes after Savannah arrived at the shelter, and about an hour later another local veterinarian responded and arrived to take the kitten home.

As of Monday, Pizzi says the kitten is eating a lot and seems to be recovering, but her injuries are more severe than the vets originally thought.

"The skin is starting to shed on her paws and face," Pizzi says. "The one thing that we have to worry about with that is the risk that the wounds can become infected. But the foster says that she's a little fighter."

Savannah's recovery could take a couple months before she's healed and ready for adoption. In the meantime, her veterinarian foster parent is closely monitoring her, and everyone at the Animal Foundation is cheering her recovery on. If you'd like to stay up-to-date on little Savannah's progress, the Animal Foundation has a web page dedicated to her story.