Stephanie always loved animals, but shelter kitten Khalessi brought her relationship with cats to a whole new level.

Stephanie met her cat Khalessi in 2015 when she was visiting an animal shelter. She tells Daily Paws that as she entered the kitten room, she just knew that Khalessi had chosen her. The little tortoiseshell ball of fluff was mewing non-stop at Stephanie. It was clear this kitten needed something—nay, someone—to give her the love and attention she was craving. "She was screaming her face off at me," she says. "So I was like, OK—that's my cat. You can't say no to that."

Stephanie says she named Khalessi after the famed Game of Thrones character. Like her namesake, she's a strong, fearless female leader with her sights set on being queen—a role that little Khalessi the kitten filled very quickly in her new home!

Personality-wise, Stephanie describes Khalessi as "adorably crazy." She's energetic, extremely vocal, and very opinionated. "She's always got something to tell me." She even speaks up when her cat mom sneezes (though we're not so sure she's saying "bless you" or just wants Stephanie to keep it down).

This little queen always has something to say, and Stephanie says she's always there to keep her sister kitty Monkey in check. "Khalessi's nickname is 'The Warden.' She keeps me and Monkey in line constantly. We both feel like we're in jail... with the warden looking over us." Her warden-like qualities come out especially when someone is up past their bedtime. But even though the kitty queen runs a tight ship, Stephanie says the two enjoy cuddle sessions on the couch, with the occasional "bath" for her human via kisses and nuzzles (though Stephanie adds that those moments are few and far between.)

While she may have always loved animals, Stephanie says her relationship with Khalessi is super-special, and made a huge impact on her. "[Khalessi has] a lot of quirks about her and she's a very interesting cat, but I wouldn't change a thing about that cat," she says. "She puts a smile on my face every single day." We're so glad these two found each other!