The pup rescued Tuesday is the second in as many months.
bridge workers hold dogs
Credit: West Virginia Department of Transportation on Twitter

Consider this a reminder to keep track of your pups when you’re near a big bridge over water. 

A bridge inspection crew on Wednesday found a small dog, a hound by the looks of him, standing on a lower piece of the Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge. There was no barrier preventing the poor guy from falling into the Ohio River below, and he was already below the bridge’s deck. 

Thankfully, some bridge inspectors from the West Virginia Department of Transportation were there. (The bridge connects West Virginia and Ohio.) They got the dog to safety and even shared some of their lunch with him. One of the inspectors, Joey Linville, might even adopt him, the transportation department says on Twitter. 

This rescue follows a similar story from last month, when bridge inspectors had to fashion a makeshift harness to rescue a hound who found herself 120 feet above the Mississippi River. She was adopted soon after the rescue. 

We don’t know how these two dogs got into their predicaments, but Daily Paws nonetheless requests that you keep a close eye on your pup whenever you’re near a bridge spanning over an American river. And certainly don’t be a jerk and leave your dog on the bridge.