Booger the German shepherd found himself very stuck after a storm scared him into hiding, but a team of first responders were able to pry him out from underneath the vehicle.

Storms are scary as heck, even for us humans, so it's no surprise that a thunderstorm frightened this Texas German shepherd. It is a little surprising where poor Booger was found, though: stuck in the undercarriage of his owner's truck.

According to the Lufkin Police Department's Facebook post, 2-year-old Booger's owner Roger Grimes found out where his pup was hiding on Sunday when he saw a tail protruding from underneath his pickup. From the looks of the video shared on YouTube, the dog's body was stuck between the chassis and the truck's axles. Not good!

After a drink of water from one of his rescuers, the trio of first responders quickly got to work trying to pick Booger—sorry—out from his tangled spot in the truck's underbody, a task that required removing the truck's front driveshaft and sway bar. The dog was understandably frightened throughout the ordeal, so he nipped at his rescuers. For Booger's safety and for the humans helping him out, the animal control officer decided to sedate the dog and use a muzzle to help the team get the stressed pup to safety without causing further harm to Booger or his hero helpers. 

"I got under the vehicle and kind of assessed the situation. I could not believe he got in there. I do not know how he did, but he was rotated. He was just scared," Lufkin Fire Department Capt. Eric Parrish told KTRE "I could hear him whining but couldn't see him. So, I got down on my belly and had my camera. I asked him what he was doing up there and he whined back at me."

Soon, the firefighters were able to free the stressed-out Booger's front legs, and after some shimmying, pushing, and pulling, were able to free the other two so he could finally escape the underside of the truck. 

The closing shot of the video showed a conked-out Booger in his enclosure, no doubt finally getting some rest. Meanwhile, the firefighters successfully reinstalled the driveshaft and sway bar on the truck.

"I hated calling, but I didn't know anyone else who could help," Grimes told police. "I just want [to] say thanks to the fire department, police department and animal control. They really pulled me out of a bind."