The poor pup fell in on Christmas Eve.
paddle boat dog rescue
Credit: Courtesy of Oklahoma City Fire Department

A paddle boat might not be at the top of your list of water rescue vessels, but Oklahoma City firefighters proved that it can still work when you need to rescue a stranded dog.

On Dec. 24, the Oklahoma City Fire Department arrived at a home near some water, the department said on Facebook. A dog, who looks like a golden retriever, had fallen through the ice. A man was there, holding onto a rope that was attached to the dog. 

Firefighters found a paddle boat on the shore and decided it would do the job for rescuing. One firefighter climbed in and made his way to the dog and pulled the pup from the freezing water. 

The on-shore firefighters then pulled in the paddle boat, which slid across the ice. Easy! 

Firefighters said the dog had "no apparent injuries" apart from looking very, very chilly. A job well done saw the dog reunite with their family, hopefully in time for some tasty holiday treats.