The rescuers were able to find the puppies because their mom had heard the whimpering and was pointing to the vent.
three firefighters stand with two rescued puppies

Mother dogs and firefighters might be a combination that can save anyone from anything. 

Take this mama dog in Spartanburg, S.C., who alerted the fire crew that two of her 3-week-old puppies were stuck in a ventilation system last Monday. She'd heard the puppies' whimpering, pointing down at the floor vent. 

The firefighters from Engine 63 had to descend underneath the house to locate the piping, the fire department said on Facebook. The crew located the puppies by hearing their "pitter patter" and then dismantled the ventilation system to remove them safely. 

"After many pets and cuddles from the crew, the two pups were reunited with the worried mama, not needing any medical attention," the fire department wrote.

This is yet another example of mama dogs doing whatever they can to make sure their pups are safe. And it's not just dogs, either. Cat moms can be just as dedicated to their young.

We're half a year away from Mother's Day, but let's all celebrate our moms today, shall we? They're swell.