The small little girl was named Smokey—for obvious reasons.

It's easy to assume the worst when a closed backpack begins to move, so imagine how relieved these California firefighters were when a cute, furry puppy popped out. 

They were extinguishing a house fire in Fresno on Thursday when they came across the zipped-up backpack, figuring it belonged to the person who was staying there. Understandably, it caused a bit of a stir when it started fidgeting.

"The way it was moving, somebody said there might be a snake in there," Fresno Fire Capt. Christopher Garcia told KFSN-TV. "So we were cautiously trying to get it out of the bag and finally, someone turned the bag upside down and kinda shook it, and out fell this beautiful little puppy."  

The 3-week-old puppy who fell out has since been named, aptly, Smokey. (While the fire itself was small, it did fill up the abandoned home with tons of smoke.) After removing her from the immediate danger of the fire, the firefighters gave Smokey food and water before handing her over to the Central California SPCA

puppy rescued from fire
Credit: Courtesy of Fresno Fire Department

Smokey will live in foster care for about five more weeks before someone can adopt her. CCSPCA staff think she looks like a pit bull-shepherd mix.

"She's doing really good, very healthy dog. She's going to live a great life as long as people take care of her, of course," CCSPCA spokesman Walter Salvari told KFSN.

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