Thankfully, Cici appeared to be unhurt when rescuers returned her to the surface.
elderly chihuahua that was rescued from a drain pipe
Credit: Rebekah Zemansky / Shutterstock

California rescuers descended into a 14-foot deep storm drain earlier this month to save an elderly Chihuahua who'd fallen in—likely because of her poor eyesight. 

Thankfully, a passerby in San Marcos heard 13-year-old Cici's cries from the bottom of the drain and called rescuers, KSWB reported. Soon, authorities from the San Diego Humane Society, the San Diego County Sheriff's Office, and the San Marcos Fire Department arrived to retrieve the trapped dog. 

The firefighters soon got to work, and one soon emerged with Cici early in the evening on March 4. She seemed to be unhurt, and a scan of her microchip revealed she lived just down the street, KSWB reported.   

Thankfully, Cici appeared to be fine, and her family told authorities they would have a veterinarian check her out just in case. We're sure they're plenty grateful to both the person who noticed Cici and the rescuers who brought her home (and even more glad to see that her microchip was up to date!).