When the odor started to make people feel ill, some of the dogs were taken up to the rooftop play area.
firefighter sitting on steps of firetruck with rescued dog
Credit: Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock

Dogs at an Alabama canine daycare needed a dramatic rescue earlier this week when a chemical used to treat the floors made some employees feel sick. 

According to AL.com, staff at Dog Days in Birmingham on Monday had to take dozens of dogs to the rooftop play area to avoid the odor. That's where firefighters from the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service brought them to safety using a truck's ladder.  

Dog Days co-owner Sue Sims Johnson wrote on Facebook that five dogs went to their veterinarians as a precaution, but each of them were released. Paramedics treated two employees outside the building, but they declined to go to a hospital, AL.com reported. 

Here's what it looked like outside the daycare, courtesy of WVTM: 

According to Johnson, an outside company had treated the daycare's floors that morning, applying sealant, telling Dog Days it was safe for both humans and dogs. A fire rescue official told AL.com that the building smelled like polyurethane. 

Here's hoping they can air the building out and reopen soon—and that no one needs any more rooftop firefighter rescues.