It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but a firefighter managed to emerge from the skinny hole with the sweet dog.
portrait of small dog that was trapped in a hole
Credit: zoranm / Getty

Firefighters in Paxton, Fla., rescued a dog from a 15-foot-deep hole earlier this month, and it was quite an adventure. 

For starters, once the South Walton Fire District's Technical Rescue Team had responded to the call for assistance on Feb. 9, team members needed to check the air quality inside the hole, given its extreme depth and small size. Once the rescue workers determined that the air inside wouldn't be a danger to first responders, they placed a ladder down the hole and attached the firefighter who actually conducted the rescue to a safety line for added security, the district wrote on Facebook.

From there, he climbed down the ladder and assessed the friendly and probably very grateful doggo before using some webbing to fashion a harness to help lift the dog out. Once everyone was secured, crews at the surface pulled both firefighter and dog to the top of the ladder and out of the extremely small opening in the ground.

As you can see in the video posted to the Fire District's Facebook page, it was a tight fit, but everyone managed to make it out with a little help. The wide-eyed pupper, whom many Facebook commenters suggested might be a Weimaraner, is obviously a little nervous through the whole affair. But she endured the pulling and lifting with no noise or struggle, which helped make everything go that much more smoothly.

"We are very grateful to have been a part of this happy ending and appreciate the professional and quick work of all responding agencies," the department wrote.

Once out of the hole, the doggo—described in the Facebook post as not appearing to be injured—was looked over by Walton County Animal Services. Meanwhile, the Walton County Public Works Department responded to the scene and filled in the hole to prevent anyone else from winding up in the same predicament. The purpose and origins of the hole weren't clear at the time of the rescue.

In a Facebook comment, the fire department said an owner was there to take the sweet dog home.