Thank goodness these firefighters were able to keep the wreck from becoming even more tragic.


Texas firefighters were able to keep a tragic situation from becoming even worse Thursday, rescuing two dogs who'd been trapped in a massive 133-car pileup in Fort Worth. 

The massive crash occurred just after 6 a.m. on Interstate 35W just north of downtown Fort Worth after winter weather had rendered roads icy, The Dallas Morning News reported. Sadly, six people lost their lives. People were left trapped in their cars, and so, too, were their dogs. 

Luckily, firefighters were able to at least rescue two of them. A video from WFAA in Dallas (shown above) shows firefighters extracting one dog from the back of a black truck that was caught in the middle of the huge pileup. Thankfully, the dog was evaluated by a veterinarian and deemed unhurt before eventually reuniting with their family, WFAA reported. Thank goodness.

The Fort Worth Fire Department later posted a photo to Twitter of another dog, this one white and brown, that firefighters had rescued. WFAA had no additional details on that dog's rescue or well-being. 

We're thankful these first responders were on site to save our furry friends. For more heroics, be sure to visit our page full of adoption and rescue stories