The San Francisco Fire Department used the rescue as an opportunity to remind people to be safe as you walk your dog.
cliff rescue
Credit: Courtesy of San Francisco Fire Department Media

A misstep from a Labrador retriever puppy over the weekend resulted in a tumble down a cliffside and a call to the fire department for a rescue. 

KPIX reported that puppy and owner were walking Friday afternoon at Fort Funston in San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area alongside a bluff that sits above the Pacific Ocean. That's where the wayward pup fell, tumbling halfway down the cliffside. 

The pup's owner decided to call the San Francisco Fire Department rather than attempt the rescue alone—which is definitely the right call. 

When the firefighters arrived, one of them rappelled down the cliffside to retrieve the puppy and then carried the dog back up to the top. In tweets, the fire department encouraged people walking near cliffs to use their leashes and stay on the trails as spring weather arrives.

"We [want] you all to have a pawfect time and make positive memories woof sharing," it shared. We agree!