Let’s be honest, she deserves all of it and more.

Edie, a domestic shorthair tabby cat, is only 11 months old and her owners say she's already the most spoiled kitty ever. When Marianne and Dave adopted Edie at just a wee little six weeks old, the couple tells Daily Paws that the kitty was so small she could fit in the palm of a hand! It was definitely love at first sight: when Edie first came home, Marianne says she immediately burst into tears of joy. 

But don't let that tiny little ball of fluff fool you—she packs a lot of conversation into her small kitten body! The couple says that every morning starts with Edie's singing. Her surprisingly strong vocal cords meow through their apartment, and they says she loves to show off her singing voice by mimicking Marianne and Dave's favorite way of saying "hello." 

As an only fur child, the couple says it's pretty obvious that Edie is incredibly spoiled. Since adopting Edie, the couple's apartment has completely changed. They built vertical shelves for Edie to jump between, and even gave her a set of special "cat stairs" leading up to her own personal hammock. And even though she has two of her own beds, her favorite spot to lay is in Dave's chair. Like any true diva kitty, she always has new toys, but is really only interested in playing in the boxes they arrive in.

Don't worry, though. Dave and Marianne are on board with all of this special cat's quirks. Dave says that even though he knows Edie is spoiled, "it gives me a lot of joy to see her enjoying the things that we do spoil her with." So sweet!

Her singing and celeb-like personality aren't the only great things about Edie, though. The couple says that anytime Edie catches sight of herself in the mirror, she always appears enthralled. They say she gets into an "attack pose" and stares at her reflection. They're not sure if she thinks she's another cat and is practicing her ninja pose… or if she just loves to look at her own reflection.

"It's weird to think about a time before Edie because she is such a big part of our lives now," Marianne says. "I can't ever foresee myself not having Edie."