Donatello is the inspirational feel-good rescue story you need to tuck into your heart for safekeeping.

When you adopt a senior dog, you're inheriting a whole other magical life. Donatello was 15 years old when he entered the shelter system. No one knew his past, but his future seemed almost certain: considered to be in such poor shape, he was put on the euthanasia list immediately.

When Alice Chow Geske spotted this seemingly shy Chihuahua, she and her fiancé knew exactly what to do. "I said, 'we need to rescue this little guy,'" she tells Daily Paws. "Even if we can only give him a few months on this earth, it's worth it."

close up portrait of the singing Chihuahua
Credit: Alice Chow Geske

We often say animals seem to know how we're feeling and respond in kind, and this is certainly true for Donatello. He basked in all the unlimited love he was given, and his health improved right away! Bit by bit, his unique sparkling personality emerged, along with a hidden ability.

"We discovered Donatello's singing talent by accident," Chow Geske says. "My fiancé was whistling, and Donatello was looking at him right in his eyes, and that's when he started howling!" All they have to do now is say "Ready?" and Donatello's ears perk up. With a one-note cue, he'll croon his own special tune!

Chow Geske is a 2nd-grade teacher and also president of the Dream Team Angels Rescue in Grand Terrace, Calif. The organization raises money for the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of homeless animals, many of which are senior pets still longing for a forever home. Donatello, now a fine elder statesman of 18, is its official pupbassador, increasing awareness for this important mission with his own amazing story!

"I encourage anybody to open their heart and their home to rescuing a senior dog or cat, because they give you this love that's indescribable," Chow Geske says. Before Donatello came into her life, she had never met a dog that has given her so much love. "He reminds us that today is very precious, because we're not guaranteed tomorrow."

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