This shelter dog's happy ending is a long time coming!
dog finally gets forever home tiktok receives send off from shelter staff
Credit: Courtesy of dogtownsa / TikTok

There's no better example of someone getting what they've long deserved than this sweet shelter dog named Stevie. This adorable pup—with a shiny black coat and white markings on his chest—spent almost six years at Dogtown South Africa before finally meeting his forever family.

If that's not enough to make your heart melt, watching his joyous send off certainly will.

The sanctuary for dogs who've lost their families or were rescued from dire situations posted the heartwarming video to its TikTok account (dogtownsa) June 23 showing Stevie's "walk of honor."

It shows Stevie being led through a lineup of Dogtown team members who one-by-one shower him with goodbye pats and cuddles before he jumps onto the tailgate of a truck, presumably to head to his new home. It sure seems like Steve is thanking his caretakers for the past six years as the shelter staff applauds.

The caption reads, "The team all wanted to give him a proper send-off" and "we will always love you Stevie." Fans of the video, which has already amassed 1 million views, posted comments like, "tears of joy" and "I am not crying, you're crying!" There is no denying Stevie is a beloved shelter pup and well-deserving of his forever home.

According to the organization's website, Stevie is a 7-year-old, medium-sized mixed breed who's "a bit of a couch potato" but will never deny a game of tag or hide-and-seek. The shelter describes him as a "super friendly guy who enjoys cuddles and conversation"—a quality easily noticed in the trending video.

And over the past six years, Dogtown South Africa did everything in its power to find him a home. "We could never understand why he was always overlooked. You can see he's just the best lil fella," the shelter replied to a fan's comment.

A quick look at Dogtown South Africa's Facebook page and you'll see post after post raising awareness about Stevie, his wonderful qualities, and how to adopt him. In fact, there's a recent message from Stevie himself saying, "Wow have I been waiting a long time for you to notice me! But good things are worth the wait … "

It's stories like these that evoke all the happy tears. And if you are wondering how Stevie is doing, the shelter says, "He has settled at home like a champ already." You can see for yourselves—he's enjoying a new happy life and forever family.

Stevie, clearly you are a loved boy—and well worth the wait!