Fireworks scared poor Rajah from her South Carolina backyard last weekend, but she found her way back seven hours later.
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Credit: Ben / Getty

We've all been there: After enjoying a night of exhilarating freedom out on the town, you arrive at your parents' home in the dead of night only to realize you're locked out. 

That's (kind of) what happened to Rajah, an 18-month-old pup living in Greenville, S.C. According to SWNS, fireworks scared the poor rescue pup out of her backyard around 8 p.m. on Saturday. She returned to the house around 3 a.m. Getting back inside was easy—the dog rang the doorbell. 

Her owners' doorbell camera captured Rajah's adorable return. Mostly, it's Rajah's boopable snoot poking around near the doorbell as she stands up on her hind legs. Her dad then came out to get her back in the house safely. What a smart and good girl!

"I don't even know how she knew how to do that; I've never shown her how," Mary told SWNS. 

She told the news service that Rajah and her other dog were outside in the backyard when one of their neighbors started shooting off fireworks. Mary knew Rajah would be scared, so she went out to get her. Rajah was already gone, however. 

Mary and her husband drove around their neighborhood for hours looking for their missing dog with no luck. They recruited others to search and posted to social media, she told SWNS. 

But then 3 a.m. rolled around, and there was Rajah ringing the doorbell she didn't know about perhaps until that very second. When she got back inside, she was sad and sulking, apparently thinking she was in trouble. But Mary was just happy to have her back at home. 

"It was hilarious, and we couldn't stop laughing," she told SWNS. 

Where did Rajah spend her seven hours of freedom? That's still a mystery, but she arrived back at her home covered in thorns and some kind of poop—both signs of a tremendous evening. 

"So, it seems like she had a great time," Mary told SWNS.