Thankfully, Smokey was able to walk out of the basement wreckage unharmed.


In Fultondale, Ala., a dog rescue was a small victory for the community while they continue to clean up after a deadly tornado. 

Fultondale was one of the towns hit hardest Monday night by what WSB-TV2 says was later classified as an EF-3 tornado with 150 mph winds. The tornado left one person dead, 30 injured, and numerous homes and buildings leveled.

When Jason Williams heard the sirens blaring in the middle of the night, he woke up his wife and daughter and ran downstairs with their dog and cat. When their ears started popping from the pressure, they ran into their storm shelter.

"Just as soon as we got in there, it just came down on top of us. We were trapped underneath some stuff for about 15, 20 minutes until our neighbors came and helped us get out," Williams told the Associated Press.

When the family was rescued from the wreckage, they were separated from their pets—a dog named Smokey, a cat, four guinea pigs, and a turtle. Williams initially thought that they had lost all the pets.

The next morning, after the storm had calmed, rescue workers helped Williams search the debris near where their home once stood. They found Smokey with only a small cut on his nose. Video from the AP shows Williams and several other men coaxing the dog out of the remains of the basement. After some encouragement, Smokey was able to walk out of the rubble by himself.

"We're bruised and scraped up, but other than that, God had his mighty hand on us," Williams said of their condition after the storm.

According to Ashley Gooden, a reporter for ABC 33/40 News, Williams has since found two of the guinea pigs as well as the turtle and remains in good spirits despite the devastation.