VanBuren, a pit bull "full of wiggles and kisses," must be loving his new family.
Dog rescued from cage in river
Credit: Courtesy of Jackson County Animal Shelter - Michigan

A Michigan puppy who had one of the roughest starts to his life now has what he deserves: a loving home.

Earlier this month, animal control authorities in Jackson County responded to a disturbing call. A good Samaritan reported seeing a young dog locked in a black wire cage that was stranded in a local river.

Thankfully, animal control rescued the stranded pit bull pup and took him to Jackson County Animal Shelter for care. In a Facebook post on May 3, the shelter noted that the pup, estimated to be between 5 and 6 months old, was fortunate he was rescued before the rains came to further submerge the cage.

In an email to Daily Paws, Jackson County Animal Shelter spokeswoman Lydia Sattler wrote that the pit bull pup, since named VanBuren, had a broken front-right leg and multiple abrasions when they took him in. The shelter writes that despite the cruelty he endured, VanBuren is a "super sweet and loving boy" who is "full of wiggles and kisses [and] still loves people and wants to be the best doggo ever." VanBuren seems content just to be around people, Sattler says.

Because of his infectious personality, it didn't take VanBuren long to find a new home. Sattler says it was love at first sight for the family that adopted him. The shelter will continue to provide medical care for VanBuren while he recovers in his new home.

Thousands of people shared VanBuren's story on Facebook. And his story received more than a thousand comments, mostly from people eager to adopt the pup. The shelter also noted that "pit bulls are the most plentiful breed in every shelter."

With that in mind and if it fits your lifestyle, maybe think about adopting a pit bull if you're looking to add a few more paws to your family. Heck, we even have a place you can start: The Love Pit Dog Rescue.