Decker the Dog Escapes Rollover Wreck, Rescued After Days in Colorado Mountains

He was somehow uninjured, too.

black dog sitting in mountains
Photo: San Miguel County sheriff's office on Twitter

We’ve written before how the predator-filled Colorado Rockies is no place for a lost pet, but once again we’re pleased to report that one of our furry friends survived in the wilderness for several days.

Not only that, but Decker, by the looks of him a black Labrador retriever, survived a truly nasty rollover crash, which the San Miguel County sheriff’s office described in a Twitter thread Saturday.

According to authorities, the red Jeep Wrangler rolled down several switchbacks in Telluride. The male driver had stepped out of the car to assist another driver. The Jeep started to move, and he tried to jump back into the car to steer it, but he was thrown out. The female passenger was ejected from the car and later airlifted to a hospital.

Originally, the sheriff’s office said that the dog that had been in the car was safe. But they reported Sunday that they couldn’t find Decker. They didn’t have to look too long.

The sheriff said Tuesday that a couple hiking in the area had heard barking and howling. The couple used a spotting scope to locate Decker. They alerted the sheriff’s office, and deputies and a search-and-rescue team then went to retrieve Decker, who was uninjured, from about 700 feet above the crash. He rewarded his rescuers with kisses.

Out There Colorado reports that the woman who was in the car sustained serious injuries. The trail the Jeep was on, Black Bear Pass, is rated as one of the most dangerous drives in the state, switching back and forth all the way up 12,840 feet.

San Miguel County was the site of another dog rescue two weeks ago. A hiker was injured trying to retrieve a fallen puppy, and deputies and a search-and-rescue team then helped save both of them.

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